Gardening in Michigan in February

My perennial vegetable garden in February.,

This is a photo of my raised garden beds during the Winter in February, 2022. As you can see, everything is dormant and covered with snow now. There is about 5 inches of snow on the ground and the high temperature for today is forecast to be about 28 degrees farenheit. Burrrrrrr!

These are new beds I set up last Fall. In the first round bed, I planted rhubarb crowns. For those of you who are new to gardening, a crown is a plant root that is grown to the point that it should thrive when transplanted in its new location.

The two oblong beds have asparagus crowns planted in them. I planted three varieties of asparagus: (1) Mary Washington, (2) Jersey Knight and (3) Purple Passion.

The round bed on the end is not filled yet. In the Spring, I will plant artichoke in it.

The goal with these raised beds is to plant perennial vegetables in each one. For my new gardeners, perennial vegetables are those that you do not have to plant every year. They return yearly on their own. There are only a few vegetables that are perennials. Most vegetables must be planted every year.

Are you new to gardening or are you experienced? If you are new or have not started yet, visit this site and my blog often. Hopefully it will be a source of inspiration for you to start and keep going. If you have a garden, let me know how yours is doing and what you are growing. You could be a source of inspiration for me.

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