How to Start Your Garden

It is now February. The weather is still cold in many areas and storms are a real concern. However, the first day of Spring is March 20, 2022 – just a month away!

If you have decided to have a garden this year, it is time to make some decisions.


How much space do you have for growing plants/vegetables? Do you have a large lot, a back yard, a patio or a small area indoors to work with?


How much do you want to grow? Are you growing just for your household, extended family and friends or do you have plans to sell what you grow at a farmers market?


What do you want to grow? Do want to grow flowers, vegetables, fruit or a combination of each?

Once you have answered the above questions, the next important question is: what will grow easily in your area?

To answer this question, you need to know what growing zone you live in. The USDA has divided areas into growing zones. The growing zones take into consideration the history of high and low temperatures for an area and other factors. The zone designation is a good guide to let you know what is likely to grow where you live. I have attached a link to the USDA growing zone map. Click the link below, type your zip code in their search bar and their map will show you what zone you are in. Here in Michigan I am in zone 6a.

Once you find your growing zone, think about what you want to grow. Then look for seeds for those items. You can buy seeds from your local plant nursery, Home Depot, seed companies online, etc. Most seed packets have growing instructions on the back and it should tell you what grow zones are best for that seed. If you buy online, the seed description should say what zones that item will grow in. If it does not, feel free to contact the seed company and ask before you buy the seeds.

The above information should help you get started. I will share more in my next post. Follow me so you will not miss my next post.

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