Light for Your Indoor Seedlings


You may be wondering what type of lighting you should use to get your indoor seeds to germinate and grow. Placing newly planted seeds in a sunny window may not be enough to get them to germinate and grow.

There are a few options. When I first started gardening, I chose a table top grow light stand. These are inexpensive and adjust in height so you can raise the light up as the plants grow taller. When the seedlings are first planted, the seed tray containing the seeds should be placed on a heat mat with the top of the seed tray about 3 to 4 inches from the bottom of the grow light. When the seeds sprout, they will have the light they need.

You only need to add enough water to the soil for it to be slightly moist but not soggy. I like to use a spray bottle set to the ”mist” setting to water at this stage. Too much water will drown your seeds or cause any new roots to rot.

The seeds do not need any plant food until after they grow their ”true leaves” which are the second set of leaves to appear on the seedlings. I will talk about plant food in a future post. Check back in a few days to see it.

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