It’s Spring! Are You Ready to Start Gardening?

The first day of Spring for 2023 was March 20th. Are you excited to get out into the yard and prep for new plant growth? Depending on where you are, you may be more than ready for Spring temperatures to show up.

I am in planting Zone 6a. My last frost date this year is projected to be May 5th. I can plant frost tolerant plants outside when it gets close to that date. However, living here has taught me not to plant anything that is not frost-tolerant until a week after Mothers’ Day because we usually get a random frost until then. Due to the short growing season here, now is the time I begin planting seeds indoors.

The photo below shows a tray of squash seeds I planted on 3/18/23. The front half is crooked necked squash and the back half is scalloped squash. They are doing well. On 3/21/23, I planted lettuce and tomatoe seeds. I posted a video of that on my You Tube Channel named, you guessed it, Gardening for Better Health! There is a You Tube icon at the top of this page that you can click to watch the video. Please subscribe to that channel and share the video with all of your friends who like to garden.

It is amazing to see how plants grow. The white oblong shells you see on top of some of the plants are the actual seeds they grew out of. I do not remove them on purpose. I let them stay until they fall off on their own as they would do if they were out in nature.

Visit this website and blog often for more information and feel free to donate to my efforts to bring you information you can use to grow your own food. Happy Spring!

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