Time to Plant Tomatoes!

One of the first vegetables I start for the season is tomatoes. My favorites are the large beefsteak tomatoes that are indeterminate. They grow to approximately seven feet long and produce tomatoes all Summer until the frost comes in the Fall. They die when the weather gets too cold. By then, have reaped a few huge harvests from it to take advantage of the many health benefits of tomatoes.

These are some of my beefsteak tomatoes from last year. I am looking forward to more like these this season. I have just started this type of tomatoe seeds indoors so I can have more this year. I posted a video of this on my You Tube channel called, of course, Gardening For Better Health. To see it, click the YouTube icon at the top of this page. There are other videos on my channel as well. Please watch, Like, Share, Subscribe and hit the Notification Bell on the Channel so you will not miss any new videos that I post. My goal is to show you that it is easy to grow your own healthy vegetables and not have to pay expensive prices at the grocery store. Best of luck to you!

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