Grow Potatoes At Home

I find it disappointing when I go to the grocery store to buy a bag of potatoes and get them home only to find several of them are rotten. Somehow the rotten ones were not close to the area of the bag that you can see through and the smell was not obvious from the bag yet. Has this ever happened to you? The price of potatoes has gone up and there have been issues in some places with potatoes being unavailable at the store.


Potatoes have lots of nutritional benefits and you can grow them at home. .You can use a 5 gallon bucket or a grow bag or if you have space, grow them in the ground. Unlike flowers or other vegetables, you cannot grow potatoes from actual “seeds”. You need a real potatoe that has sprouted eyes (aka chits). These are known as seed potatoes. It is best to purchase them from the garden section of stores or an online nursery because they sell certified organic seed potatoes. I ordered my seed potatoes from an online nursery. This is what they look like:

On the Gardening for Better Health YouTube Channel (a link is at the top of this page) there is a video and more information. I will be planting these soon so be sure to subscribe to the Channel so you can see when and how this is done. Have a great day.

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