Onions in Your Garden

There is no doubt that onions add flavor to any dish it is used in. Whether it is soups, stews, salads or sandwiches, onions spice up the meal. Not only that, if you plant them in your garden the smell can repel certain pests that want to attack your garden veggies.

I grow onions in my garden because there is nothing like fresh food. As I have grown them myself, I know there are no chemicals on them that could make me or my family sick. I prefer to start them from onions sets that I order from a farmer online. This is what they look like when they arrive:

I plant both yellow and red onions. The yellow onions provide a mild semi-sweet flavor and red onions provide a unique punch of flavor. There is more information and a video on these on my You Tube channel, Gardening for Better Health. The You Tube icon at the top of this page will take you there to see it. If you Like, Subscribe and hit the Bell Button you will be notified when I plant, tend to and harvest these wonderful onions. Have a wonderful day!

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